Core Life Sciences has partnered with CapitalBio Corporation, a leading developer of microarray technology, to offer the PersonalArrayer 16, a new highly flexible and efficient microarrayer suitable for a wide range of applications. The PersonalArrayer 16 is a result of Capital- Bio’s ten plus years of innovation in microarray systems and provides versatile bench-top arraying capabilities in a compact and affordable platform.


The PersonalArrayer 16 is suitable for a wide range of genomics and proteomics applications. Gene chips and protein chips may both be fabricated using the PersonalArrayer 16’s contact spotting or non-contact dispensing print heads. Nucleotide, protein, cell, and tissue arrays can be spotted onto slides, microplates, or membranes—all at high repeat precision of less than 10 μm.

Key Features

The PersonalArrayer 16 can print on up to 16 slides or two 96-well plates, and uses a 96 or 384-well sample plate. The contact spotting module holds up to four spotting pins and the non-contact dispensing module has one spotting nozzle. Sample consumption is kept to a minimum with sample delivery volumes of 0.5 – 12.5 nl (contact spotting) and 10 – 104 nl (non-contact dispensing).

The PersonalArrayer 16’s user-friendly software provides a selection of array designs and array previews, and an easy array configuration function for custom array designs. Users can easily switch between contact and non-contact print heads, and slide or microplate decks, all in a matter of minutes. The PersonalArrayer 16’s active intelligence automatically identifies these changes without further configuration required from the user.

Versatile cleaning functions also make the PersonalArrayer 16 easy to use and maintain, saving you time and money. Users can configure custom cleaning protocols consisting of rinse/aspirate, sonicate, and vacuum-dry cycles. Maintenance is enhanced by the PersonalArrayer 16’s available three year parts and service warranty, protecting your investment and giving you peace of mind.

Microdispense™ Technology

CapitalBio’s proprietary Microdispense™ technology is particularly suited for protein array production. It has a dynamic volume capacity of 10 nl - 50 μl (compared to the dynamic dispensing range of 20 nl - 20 μl of synQUAD™ from Genomic Solutions) for high throughput protein array production. For each 50 μl pipetting of sample solution, the PersonalArrayer 16 can dispense at least forty-five hundred 10 nl spots on chips with consistent volume, spot size, and morphology. The solution remaining after spotting can be immediately returned to the sample plate, minimizing sample waste. Microdispense™ technology uses an advanced pneumatic system to deliver precision bursts of clean air to print microarrays. Air is delivered to the patented print heads via clean plastic tubing and manifolds while a quiet compressor generates the pressure needed for dispensing. Microdispense™ printing provides high precision and microarray printing efficiency at an affordable price—unlike other non-contact arraying systems based on piezoelectric or pump-driven dispensers.