Synergy NEO is BioTek’s newest development in multi-mode microplate readers. Designed specifically for today’s screening and core laboratories, NEO has all the features you would expect from an HTS instrument, including multiple parallel detectors for ultra-fast measurements, laser-based excitation, super-fast plate stacker and high sensitivity on low volume assays.

Synergy NEO is an HTS multi-mode microplate reader designed specifically for today’s screening and core laboratories. NEO has all the features expected in an HTS screening instrument, including multiple parallel detectors for ultra-fast measurements and a dedicated filter-based system for live cell assays. With a load/unload plate transfer time of about 6 seconds per plate, NEO’s optional integrated plate stacker is the fastest stacker on the market, allowing walk-away automation of short- or long-term assays.

Synergy NEO also meets today’s diverse assay requirements by incorporating features such as a powerful 100 mW laser-based excitation source for Alpha assays, a unique patent pending hybrid optical design, advanced temperature control to 65 0C, orbital and linear shaking. Ease of use and user confidence are key to the design of Synergy NEO’s unique filter cubes that are barcode labeled for positive filter ID – limiting the possibility of errors and streamlining the workflow, while an available camera-based barcode reader can scan both 1D and 2D barcode-labeled plates. The outstanding functionality of Synergy NEO is controlled by the powerful, yet easy to use, Gen5 2.0 Data Analysis Software. If you are involved in the HTS screening world, Synergy NEO was designed just for you.

Typical Applications

• HTS • Cell Proliferation
• Cytotoxicity
• Biomarker Quantification
• Drug Discovery
• Genetic Analysis
• Drug absorption and metabolism
•Biologics drug discovery and development
• Environmental testing
• Food safety
• Nucleic acid quantification
• Protein quantification


Synergy NEO shown with optional high-speed microplate stacker.