New Eppendorf Reference 2

By Eppendorf

The one button operating principle that was a major success in our original Reference line has been re-vamped with additional premium characteristics to provide users with extraordinary precision and accuracy, a long service life, and an even more ergonomic design. The spring loaded nose cone that was not previously available in Eppendorf’s one button pipettes provide increased user to user reproducibility for more uniform results among members of the lab. The Reference 2 also now boasts new multi-channel options to allow for higher throughput, a secondary liquid class adjustment for the utmost in accuracy in precision when working with liquids that differ significantly from water, and a volume lock to prevent accidental changes for increased security in the most stringent lab environments. The Reference 2 will now feature an RFID chip that contains all relevant pipette data which makes keeping track of service information easier than ever before!

Eppendor TrackIT™ NEW

  • RFID chip contains all relevant data regarding the pipette (serial no.,Certificate of Conformity, article no. etc.)
  • Ability to add your own data (e.g. calibration time and results, location)
  • Simple identification and documentation

Multi-channel version NEW

  • Channel indicator guarantees a pipette tip alignment during the work process
  • Spring-loaded tip cone for reproducible tip fit and reduced effort (with the ability to be easily switched on/off)
  • More flexibility and simple maintenance with the ability to remove single cones

The one button operating principal of the Reference 2 has multiple benefits for the user. By not having to move the thumb from side to side to eject tips users can move more quickly through their pipetting tasks with less thumb and hand strain than ever before. The one button system additionally enables protection for the pipette by limiting the exposure of the internal mechanisms to aerosols, biomolecules and corrosive vapors during use. Having the ability to eject a tip immediately following dispensing will significantly reduce both contamination of and wear and tear on the pipette.

One-button operation

  • Ergonomic handling with reduced operating effort.
  • Haptic feedback before tip ejection
  • Simple and quick tip ejection with active aerosol reduction
  • Reduce repetitive strain injuries by not having to move your thumb side to side

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