NuAire, Inc LabGard® ES and CellGard™ ES Biological Safety Cabinets

By NuAire

NuAire, Inc. offers two Biological Safety Cabinet designs, the LabGard® ES and the CellGard™ ES (Energy Saver) Class II, Type A2 models, available in four widths (3ft., 4ft., 5ft., & 6ft.). The LabGard® has a straight front 0° (vertical), the CellGard™ model features a 10° sloped front window, with a vertical sliding window encased in a frame that opens 30° to aid in cleaning behind the sash.

The CellGard™ is compatible with NuAire's DECON 101 System which streamlines the decontamination process providing the service technician with a safe and easy method to protect your laboratory from harmful gases.

NuAire's BSC's are engineered with an ultra high efficiency DC ECM motor to decrease energy consumption and your laboratory's total cost of ownership saving over 40% over a 15 year period compared to previous models. With the use of the DC ECM motor, internal exhaust damper, motor speed controller, and an optimally determined forward curve fan, we're able to increase the life of your filter, handling up to a 250% pressure drop when in operation.

The NU-425 and NU-475 features NuAire's ESSENTIALS control package consisting of easy-to-use toggle switches that control cabinet functions. The NU-437 and NU-477 features the FlowGard™ control package, utilizing a digital pressure transducer which monitors the cabinet's plenum, warning laboratory personnel of improper airflow through audible and visual alarms. The NU-440 and NU-480 features the TOUCHLINK System offers step-by-step on-screen instructions to aid laboratory personnel and certifiers in maintaining the cabinet by providing detailed diagnostic information. The TOUCHLINK system has the capability to start and stop cabinet operations on a customizable schedule and integrats with current laboratory security systems.

LabGard® ES NU-437, NU-440, and CellGard® ES NU-477, NU-480 all feature the nitecare™ night setback program, which is incorporated in the FlowGard™ Control System. nitecare™ will cut energy costs while maintaining work zone sterility when the cabinet is not in use. nitecare™ is initiated by closing the window, one the sash has been closed, the the automated nitecare™ system turns off lights and decreases the fan/motor speed. The optional "UV Light Timer" allows the Germicidal Ultra Violet (UV) light to be activated for a period of time helping maintain work zone sterility. nitecare™ provides the performance, reliability, and cost saving technologies for your laboratory.

Constructed of heavyweight 16 gauge, type 304 stainless steel, the superior construction provides long term durability with better safety features than other Biosafety cabinets. The ergonomic features enhance user comfort and safety when engaged with scientific research. NuAire® Biological Safety Cabinets provide maximum knee clearance, staggered sidewall service valves, and gframeless polished edge window allowing for greater visibility and better sight lines to the work zone area, all aiding in lessening the chance of sitting in an awkward posture resulting in neck and shoulder strain. The cool white lighting in our cabinets decrease glare, helping to eliminate eye fatigue. The centrally located Electronic Control System is custom built to order allowing you the ability to create the perfect cabinet for your specific research application needs.

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