VACUUBRAND BVC Fluid Aspiration Systems - Convenience and Safety for Cell Culture Aspiration

By BrandTech Scientific

Cell Culture and other laboratories that isolate and work with cells require the tools to safely and effectively remove wash and culture media away without harming their cells, and maintaining a safe laboratory environment. The new BVC fluid aspirators are third-generation systems that provide fine control, while providing the highest level of safety.


The BVC systems provide touch sensitive control of liquid flow through the hard controller. Additionally, the Control and Professional models, with integrated vacuum pump, feature a touch screen vacuum level adjustment that operates even with gloves, so that gentle aspiration can be provided with sensitive cells, or loose cell pellets, while allowing powerful flow for larger volume applications. The un-powered BVC Basic model has a mechanical vacuum switch that controls demand to the vacuum source, allowing more efficient use of vacuum resources, and quieting the pump - all without the use of footswitches.


Maintaining cleanliness in the culture lab is paramount to successful cell growth. As such, all BVC units are designed with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. The hand controller keeps all aspirated media contained within the replaceable tubing, making cleaning and decontaminating easy, with no valves to leak. Two users can be accommodated with the addition of a second hand controller at the bottle, ensuring that each fluid path is completely independent.


All BVC systems use high-flow 0.2pm filters between the collection vessel and the pump to contain aerosols generated by the aspiration process. This helps protect the pump as well as the laboratory environment. Filters can be autoclaved up to twenty times for long life. Users who are working with potential pathogens will also be happy to know that G glass bottle versions of BVC systems are resistant to the use of chlorine bleach in the collection vessel during use for immediate disinfection of waste.


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