NuGenesis Lab Management System

Waters® NuGenesis® Lab Management System uniquely combines synergistic data, workflow and sample management capabilities to support the entire product lifecycle from discovery through manufacturing. This user-centric platform encompasses NuGenesis SDMS, compliance-ready data repository, NuGenesis ELN, a flexible analytical electronic laboratory notebook, and NuGenesis Sample Management.

By Waters Corporation

LIMS Capabilities without the Complexities

NuGenesis seamlessly links data from the lab to the business operations of the enterprise with functionality such as sample submission and results review, stability testing, scientific search, multi-vendor software connection, laboratory inventories, data retention and legal hold, and laboratory execution methods. NuGenesis combines high impact functionality with a high degree of flexibility, readily adapting to your organizations’ existing Informatics environments – facilitate software integration and standardization without the complex, costly, and time consuming deployments often encountered with traditional information management solutions.

Following the successful introduction of NuGenesis 8 in 2012, NuGenesis Lab Management System is another significant milestone in the history of the platform. New advances include:

NuGenesis SampleShare™ - An optional web client that automates the submission of samples to NuGenesis-based laboratories for analysis. It facilitates easier, more open, and more accurate interaction between laboratories, streamlining data flow and simplifying sample workflow management. Ensure faster sample turnaround and improve the quality of sample records by minimizing data handling.

NuGenesis Stability - A complete stability protocol management and testing solution developed in accordance with the current GAMP and ICH guidelines that uses industry recognized calculations. It contains the functionality necessary to operate under 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and provides a full set of capabilities including the definition of study matrixes, management and control of the stability inventory, sample pull overview across all active studies, individual time point review, a suite of stability reports and extensive statistical results analysis.

NuGenesis Connectors – Configurable utilities that provide a bidirectional link between the NuGenesis Lab Management System and business system applications such as SAP. This link facilitates seamless communication of instructions and information including test requests, standard operating procedures (SOPs), product specifications and test results. By enabling the NuGenesis Lab Management System to more readily bridge the documentation and workflow gap between the laboratory and business, NuGenesis Connectors facilitate timely access to sample results – supporting a more accurate and rapid decision-making process.

Paradigm™ Scientific Search – Fully integrated with NuGenesis SDMS, Paradigm breaks down the barriers to information accessibility by providing an easy-to-use interface along with fast and accurate text, document and science object-based searches. Users spend less time searching for information and more time using information to make better, evidence-based decisions.

With tens of thousands of licenses sold around the world, NuGenesis is enabling leading pharmaceutical, chemical material, food and beverage, and environmental companies gain a deeper insight into scientific challenges, accelerate decision making, and achieve better business results. Comprehensive. Seamless. Painless. Visit

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