2013 pH Meters Product Survey Results

By Lab Manager

The expanded features in today’s pH meters reflect the broad use of this technology. Researchers use pH meters in a wide range of research fields—including biological and chemical, agricultural and environmental, and more—and virtually all kinds of manufacturing.

6 Questions to Ask When Buying a pH Meter

What type of connector does the meter use?
• Is it a BNC or DIN?
• Is it proprietary or can other manufacturer’s probes be used with it?

What is the replacement cost for a pH electrode?

What accessories are included with the meter?
• What is the complete cost of all accessories needed to operate the meter?

What type of after sales support is offered?
• If something goes wrong with the meter, can it be fixed locally?
• What is the general turnaround time for repair?

What makes the company different from other companies that manufacture similar products?

What additional types of features are offered? (GLP data, PC connectivity (USB vs RS 232), calibration timeout, number of calibration points, ISE concentration readout, incremental methods for ISE and mv readout of concentration during calibration process).

Types of pH meters currently used by survey respondents:

Benchtop – Multi Parameter 28%
Benchtop - pH only 36%
Handheld - Multi Parameter 14%
Handheld - pH only 16%
In-line - Multi Parameter 2%
In-line - pH Only 4%

Top 5 methods used to measure pH as reported by survey respondents:

Glass-electrode method 53%
Indicator methods 21%
Hydrogen-electrode method 10%
Metal-electrode methods 9%
Antimony-electrode method 1%

Nearly 30% of respondents plan on purchasing a new or additional pH meter in the next year. The primary reasons for these purchases are:

Replacement of aging balance
Addition to existing system
Setting up a new lab
Replacing a damaged balance

Top 10 Features/Factors respondents look for when purchasing a pH Meter

Completed Surveys: 347

For more information on pH meters, including useful articles and a list of manufacturers, visit http://www.labmanager.com/ph-meters


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