Going Greener

April 4, 2013

Equipment vendors continue making strides to reduce energy use and consumables.
Green Lab Design: Mostly About Air

Green Lab Design: Mostly About Air

December 10, 2012

Since energy and natural resource consumption are huge components of a lab’s operating expenses, no lab design today ig...

Springtime… Green time

April 6, 2012

Here in my neck of the woods in Northwestern New Jersey, spring arrived weeks ago, which the early and abundant forsythia flo...

Improving Sustainability

April 6, 2012

Many companies have made the decision to improve the sustainability of their operations, facilities, and products. They are d...

Sustainability Meets Flexibility

October 7, 2011

What does “high-quality” mean in terms of laboratory design? Good lab design clearly satisfies not only individua...

Design Focus: Sustainability

September 9, 2010

With the issue of sustainability fast becoming ubiquitous in our culture, the benefits of green design and building are prize...

Energy Retrofit

April 2, 2010

A laboratory energy retrofit process begins with an energy audit in which all aspects of a buildings energy usage are examine...

Sustainable Lab Operations

April 2, 2010

Leading research institutions share best practices to meet institutional climate commitments.