Designed with smart features and simple operation, Adam’s PMB takes the hassle out of moisture analysis for fast, dependable results. The PMB lets you store and retrieve unlimited test settings and results for any number of sample materials. Built-in capabilities like automatic test starting and easy sample removal and placement save time and increase efficiency for those repetitive testing applications.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the production of weighing instruments, Adam supports its customers with top rate service to achieve the best possible customer satisfaction. Adam Equipment offers the perfect balance of dependability and performance.

In virtually any industry, there is an ever-increasing need to process more samples in less time and with dependable results. While this demand has driven users to find better tools and methods, it has inspired Adam Equipment to develop the PMB moisture analyzers − two models that provide features and capabilities unlike any other, at affordable prices.

Storage capability for unlimited test routines and data lets you set parameters for every type of sample you need to test, and store them internally or directly onto a USB storage device. Test results can be stored just as easily and without limitation. Two USB inputs, one for a flash drive and one for connection to computers, provide complete communication flexibility, and an RS-232 interface is included as well. Multiple communication options let you pick the right interface for your needs and the automatic record-keeping function saves each test result.

A large brilliant backlit display allows you to monitor all critical information simultaneously during and after tests. Displayed information during tests may typically include current temperature, elapsed time, and % moisture content. Other data such as % residual solid, or current mass may be displayed at the touch of a button.

Options for testing include single or multiple temperatures, fast ramp up to temperature, manual end test, timed test, auto-stop, or timed auto-stop. With all of these choices you can design test routines for a wide range of sample types.

The PMB53 provides results accurate to 0.01% moisture content, mass measurements to 1mg, and a total weighing capacity of 50g. The PMB202 provides results accurate to 0.05% moisture content, mass measurements 0.01g and a total weighing capacity of 200g. Both models feature test temperatures up to 160ºC in 1ºC increments with a single 400W halogen heater.

Smart features, fast response time, and easyto- use functionality make Adam Equipment’s PMB the ideal moisture analyzer for a wide range of applications.


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