Hamilton’s MICROLAB® REM e STARlet liquid handling workstation (Figure 1) provides a completely automated solution for emPCR enrichment and sequencing primer hybridization. Designed to support the Roche/454 Genome Sequencer FLX Titanium Series System, the REM e STARlet features 8 independent 1ml pipetting channels, associated labware racks/carriers and an integrated Roche/454 REM e module (Figure 2). The turn-key solution includes five performance-verified protocols for large, medium and small volume samples, providing convenient walk-away automation for streamlined workflows, higher throughput and enhanced reproducibility when compared to manual processing.

The Roche/454 Genome Sequencer FLX System is a versatile sequencing platform suitable for a wide range or research applications, including de novo sequencing and assembly of genomic DNA, transcriptome sequencing, small RNA analysis and amplicon sequencing.

The Genome Sequencer FLX workflow consists of three primary processes: library preparation, emPCR amplification and sequencing. The REM e module is a self-contained, multi-functional liquid handling accessory capable of vortexing, vacuum filtration (no centrifugation required), magnetic bead capture and heating to 65°C. The device is designed to automate the enrichment and sequence primer annealing steps of the GS FLX Titanium emPCR process. When integrated to the purpose-built MICROLAB REM e STARlet pipetting workstation, the system dramatically simplifies the emPCR workflow by replacing 5 hours of dedicated manual lab work with a fully automated walk-away procedure. (Figure 3)

Data from various sample types and formats processed on the REM e STARlet workstation demonstrate achievement of sequencing results comparable to those of manual emPCR enrichment. (Figure 3) The enrichment data along with the sequencing data (not shown) confirms that the system is capable of performing emPCR enrichment with results that are consistent with expectations. The MICROLAB REM e STARlet significantly decreases the amount of hands-on time necessary to perform sequencing, and minimizes errors attributed to manual mispipetting.

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