SPEX CertiPrep offers a line of Consumer Safety Compliance Standards designed for the testing of consumer goods. Recent regulations limit the quantities of toxic contaminants in consumer products, requiring manufactures to verify the levels of trace impurities in their products. RoHS/WEEE regulations restrict the levels of heavy metals in consumer goods and electronics. USP 232 has been enacted to control the levels of elemental impurities in pharmaceuticals. Additional regulations control the levels of a variety of metals and phthalates in plastics and children’s products. SPEX CertiPrep has developed a line of Compliance Standards designed to assist the analyst in testing for these specific regulations.

Heavy metal compounds in consumer goods such as toys and electronics are regulated by the RoHS/WEEE directives issued by countries around the world. Manufacturers of consumer goods are required to check their products for levels of these heavy metals prior to shipment to the RoHS/WEEE regulated countries. SPEX CertiPrep offers a solid RoHS/WEEE Check Standard in a polyethylene matrix, designed to check for levels of these heavy metals.

Also available are kits for testing Extractable Metals in Plastic Toys, which can assist the laboratory in its analysis of children’s products for heavy metals. These standards are designed for use with many testing methods including:

  • US Methods: CPSC-CH-E1001-08; ASTM F9603-07
  • EU Regulations: EN71 Part3, EC
  • Directives: 94/62/EC Art 11 & 91/388 EC

The Unites States Pharmacopeia Revision 232 sets limits for elemental impurities in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. SPEX CertiPrep offers a kit of two USP standards, with the elements outlined in USP 232.

SPEX CertiPrep offers a Phthalates in Polyethylene QC Standard, as well as a corresponding Matrix Blank, both designed to be used with current regulations and testing methods including:

  • US Method: CPSC-CH-C1001.09.3
  • EU Directive: 2005/84/EC

Every SPEX CertiPrep Certified Reference Materials comes with a detailed Certificate of Analysis. If you can’t find a Consumer Safety Standard that matches your exact specifications, custom mixes are available upon request.

SPEX CertiPrep Consumer Safety Compliance Standards are made by the leading manufacturer of Certified Reference Materials. SPEX CertiPrep was founded in 1954 to provide superior Certified Reference Materials for spectroscopy and chromatography. Our products can be used with a wide variety of instrumentation, including ICP, ICP-MS, IC, GC, GC-MS, LC, and LC-MS. We also offer a line of contamination control products including a pipette washer, sub-boiling acid still, and other products.

We are certified by UL-DQS for ISO 9001 and accredited by A2LA for ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34. For over 55 years, we have built our reputation on products that exhibit Quality, Reliability, and Convenience. Your Science is Our Passion®.

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