Review on Microplate Readers

In this video, sponsored by Molecular Devices, Lab Manager Magazine Assistant Editor Katia Caporiccio talks about the latest technologies in microplate readers, including new models from BioTek, BMG LABTECH, Molecular Devices and PerkinElmer.

Molecular Devices offers a full range of microplate analysis products—from single-mode absorbance, fluorescence, or luminescence readers to multi-detection systems with up to five detection modes to validation & compliance tools. SpectraMax® Multi-Mode Microplate Readers offer flexible configurations across all commonly-used detection methods to accommodate most life science applications, including ELISAs, protein quantification, and cell-based screens. Fully compatible with out-of-the-box automation solutions from long-standing business partners as well as the StakMax® Microplate Handling System, these multi-mode readers are ideal choices for researchers who need walk-away automation for microplate-based analyses. For more information, visit