Original broadcast date: Thursday November 18, 2010

Is a UHPLC system in the stars for your next project? Lab Manager Magazine is producing the first of its kind online-only webinar, focusing on UHPLC Systems, that provides a wonderful opportunity for technology providers and lab professionals to get together to discuss how UHPLC can be best utilized for various applications.

Today, capital outlays for most UHPLC systems are between 20 and 40 percent higher than HPLC. As such, this added cost remains a sticking point for potential adopters. Yet, one can make a reasonable case that UHPLC can save money in the long run, by offering higher efficiency and throughput.

Today most HPLC manufacturers offer a UHPLC system. Here are the companies who will be participating in the live webinar.

Presenting vendors:

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Dionex Corporation
  • Eksigent
  • PerkinElmer
  • Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Waters Corporation

Key learnings from the webinar:

  • Compare vendors and determine if their UHPLC systems meet your requirements.
  • Cost vs. Performance – does the enhanced performance of a UHPLC system outweigh the extra costs?
  • Get an appreciation of the effectiveness a UHPLC System can have on decision making in your method development process.
Slides from the Presenters  

Fraser McLeod - Dionex


Eric Denyver - PerkinElmer


Curtis Campbell - Shimadzu


Stefan Schuette - Agilent


John Burchell - JASCO


Remco Van Soest - Eksigent


Diab Elmashni - Thermo Fisher



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