Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday June 29th, 2011

Nano LC is becoming a standard technique in the chromatography world, driven by recent advancements in proteomics that would require decreasing of inner diameter (ID) of a liquid chromatography (LC) column to allow for a smaller sample amount and to increase sensitivity.

Nano LC is becoming the preferred tool for identification of proteins. This technique provides a high degree of selectivity and reliably identifies multiple sample components in a complex mixture. During Nano LC experiments the mixture is separated based on one or more selected chemical properties (charge, hydrophobicity, affinity, etc.) followed by detection and fragmentation steps in the mass spectrometer.

A Nano LC system consists of the same components as a standard HPLC system however, miniaturization gives a lot of advantage over the conventional LC:

  • ID diameter reduction increases sensitivity and/or less sample requirement
  • Significantly reduces solvent consumption and subsequent waste production
  • Various multi-dimensional LC methods can be set-up easily

This free webinar provides a wonderful opportunity for lab professionals to understand how advancements in Nano LC systems are meeting the needs of researchers for proteomics applications and are having a positive business impact in the lab.

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