Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday July 20th, 2011

Recent changes in liquid and gas chromatography instruments throughout laboratories worldwide are having a significant influence on the future of chromatography data system (CDS) development.

As new developments in instrumentation continue, CDSs are becoming more versatile.

    The need for speed: both LC and GC instrumentation have produced "faster" data so that it becomes increasingly important for CDSs to capture the data though either direct digital acquisition or with fast sampling analog-to-digital converters. In addition to providing faster data, LC and GC instrumentation is progressing to provide different analysis data so information beyond the traditional CDS peak detection will be available.
    Remote access to data: while advances are continuing with instruments, the overall deployments of LC and GC in multi-national, multi-site operations make it essential that the CDS be capable of supporting chromatography operations for local environments with remote system support.

This free webinar provides a wonderful opportunity for lab professionals to understand how CDS suppliers are dealing with advancements in CDS development to meet the demands of faster and newer instruments.

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