Original Broadcast Date: Tuesday November 8th, 2011

Mark Everding discusses the key challenges of integrating and implementing LIMS and ELN systems in a complex lab environment, keeping pace with evolving study requirements, managing explosive scientific data growth, and mining data from disparate sources.

Gary Kennedy discusses RemedyMD’s solution to the data challenges of life sciences researchers. Investigate™ is the industry’s first integrated research management system that combines the rich functionality of a laboratory information management system (LIMS), electronic lab notebook (ELN), biospecimen management system, and patient registry into a single platform for life sciences research. Investigate is built on RemedyMD’s revolutionary Mosaic™ platform, which provides a robust ontology to harmonize data from multiple sources, and a flexible suite of tools that allows users to configure their application over time and easily query, analyze, and visualize research data to identify key patterns and trends.

Key questions to be addressed:

  • What are the key software integration and data challenges facing life science researchers?
  • How can an ontology help researchers address the challenges of harmonizing data from disparate sources?
  • How can an Integrated Research Management System lead to greater research insights and drive process efficiencies in your lab?
  • How does integrating LIMS, ELN, biospecimen, & patient registry systems simplify data management and improve analytics?
  • How can adding state-of-the-art registries improve your ability to track longitudinal patient or subject data?
  • How does state-of-the-art data visualization help track your research data, resources, and workflows in real-time and enable publication to key stakeholders on a regular basis?

Mark Everding currently serves as executive vice president of LabAnswer and is a member of the board of directors. Mark has over 15 years of industry experience pertaining to laboratory informatics. He holds an MBA from the University of Houston’s Executive Program and a bachelor's degree in economics and geology from Cornell College.

Gary D. Kennedy is the founder and chief executive officer of RemedyMD, the leader in providing registries for life science. Gary has been an executive at leading database and applications development companies for over 25 years. He joined Oracle as its tenth professional employee and served as President of Oracle USA when its revenues first reached $1 billion. He also served as President & CEO of Tenfold Corporation, a leading provider of applications development and infrastructure technologies, and PRC, Inc. a technology systems integration company.