Original Broadcast Date: Tuesday February 21st, 2012

The development of user-friendly, affordable and versatile mass spec techniques has enabled an increasing acceptance of MS for various applications. Throughout the drug discovery process, mass spec is being used to characterize both small molecules and larger biological entities. Advancements in mass spec technology have led to an increase in sensitivity and new technologies up front of the MS have generated faster and more efficient workflows to maximize the power of a single MS resource.

The use of accurate mass Q-TOF instrumentation for Qual/Quan workflows will be discussed as well as implementation of a high-throughput front end for revolutionary throughput capability. The webinar will also provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and get answers in real-time.

The target audience for this webinar includes scientists in academia or industry involved in pharmaceutical drug discovery or biomarker research, CROs, laboratory technicians and managers who are using or looking to use mass spectrometry systems.

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