Original Broadcast Date: Thursday October 31, 2013


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Water is essential for the proper functioning of any laboratory and having the right type of water for the right application is absolutely critical. There are several different types of water for lab use and even more options for purifying the water. Most laboratories install a water purification system to get a certain quality and purity of water that is made available in a reliable and accurate fashion. However, the decision is often made without much knowledge or understanding of what needs to be looked into. To help you define your water requirements and to select a purification system that works best for your needs, Lab Manager is bringing together a panel of technical experts who will help you understand the types of water contaminants you could be dealing with, the purification options available to you and how to go about selecting the one that best fits your application and detection needs. Free to lab professionals, this webinar will also provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and get answers in real-time from our experts.

As an Attendee You Will Learn About:

  • The different types of water and their uses
  • The common water contaminants
  • The types of purification techniques available
  • The types of common laboratory installations
  • How to effectively store, distribute and monitor pure water
  • How to evaluate the various options and choose the right supplier
  • How to routinely clean and maintain your systems

Companies participating in the webinar:

  • Aries Filter Works
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

















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