Original broadcast date: Wednesday February 5, 2014

Presenter: Pamela Jett

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Are you secretly afraid that you come on too strong or are perceived as a doormat? Would you like to be seen as confident, trustworthy and professional?

Assertive communication is the hallmark of a true lab professional. In this powerful, skill building program you will learn to communicate assertively in a variety of challenging situations so you can be a positive role model to those you work with and for.

In this solution-filled webinar we will:

  • Learn what assertiveness is and what it is not.
  • Master assertive "language patterns" that can enhance your success in a variety of challenging situations.
  • Discover assertive communication tools to confidently handle conflict and confrontation.

Pamela Jett is a communication skills expert who believes that words matter. She helps professionals choose words wisely and communicate with more confidence, credibility, and influence. She is the author of several books and audio programs including “Communicate to Keep ‘Em: Enhancing Employee Engagement Through Remarkable Communication.”















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