Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday April 16, 2014

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When mitigating risk of exposure in the laboratory environment, it is generally understood that risk should be minimized through administrative and engineering controls, as well as through training and practice. However, in situations where these controls may not prove adequate to completely minimize risk, or in the event of an unplanned or accidental exposure, the use of personal protective equipment in the lab is often the last line of defense.

In this interactive webinar, a discussion of OSHA and ANSI standards sets the stage for an in-depth analysis of laboratory glasses, goggles, face shields, eyewash fountains, contact lenses and safety shields.

Topics for discussion:

  • What are the regulatory requirements?
  • When should each device be used?
  • Four ways ANSI approved safety glasses are better than street glasses
  • Should contact lenses be used in the lab?
  • What are the requirements for eyewash fountains? What about the blindness causing amoeba?
  • Who was Bob Aspromonte?

James Kaufman, PhD is the President/CEO and founder of the Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI). He has spent the last 40 years teaching the fundamentals of lab safety and creating more effective lab safety programs. His unique approach to lab safety combined with a collection of over 5,000 examples of lab accidents make his presentations both highly informative and entertaining. He is the author of numerous books, articles, LSI’s Speaking of Safety Newsletter, and audio and video lab safety education programs. More than 100,000 scientists and science educators have attended LSI’s lab safety courses.