Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday December 10, 2014

When an organization’s product philosophy is based on innovation, building innovation into operations throughout the enterprise makes smart business sense. Rich Products Corporation, based in Buffalo, N.Y., has been delivering innovative food products since its inception in 1945. Recently the spotlight was turned on laboratory workflows with an initiative to standardize processes globally, which is now facilitating product development at all of Rich’s labs. A key component of this initiative was implementing an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) system that could enable innovation, collaboration and process improvements.

Rich’s manufactures more than 2,000 products that are sold in 112 countries worldwide, and the company has numerous new products under development for a variety of customers. Achieving the intent of the initiative was a complex process that was driven by R&D with a focus on complying with intellectual property policy, simplifying recordkeeping activities, improving the efficiency and compliance of lab notebooks. Key to the project’s success has been a deep understanding of how ELNs can enable existing and future product innovation and collaboration within and between the diverse R&D facilities.

Join us on December 10 for a free webinar when Mark Baker, IP Specialist at Rich Products Corporation, will describe how Rich’s R&D went about selecting the ELN, conducting the pilot project, rolling out the ELN system and the results so far. He will be joined by BIOVIA’s Mats Kihlén who will show how an ELN enables organizations to increase researcher efficiency, streamline lab operations, and optimize experiment collaboration.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Defining ELN expectations and requirements for a global implementation
  • Aligning the new ELN system with corporate initiatives
  • Defining pilot project scope and rolling it out worldwide
  • Introducing workflow changes to lab researchers
  • How the ELN is contributing to product innovation


Mark Baker, IP Specialist, Rich Products Corporation
In charge of administering Rich's R&D’s ELN program, Mark Baker ensures ELN security and compliance. Mark is project manager for technology development projects, and was instrumental in defining the ELN project at the company. He determines Intellectual Property (IP) policy and processes, developing additional policy, process and standards as needed to ensure IP protection. He develops and administers IP awareness programs, provides training for areas relative to intellectual property, and is R&D’s liaison to the corporate legal department.

Mats Kihlén, Director of Product Management, BIOVIA
In addition to Director of Product Management, Mats Kihlén is an architect for the BIOVIA Notebook solution. His background includes computational chemistry and leading research informatics teams. He had been responsible for the development and implementation of Electronic Lab Notebooks, as well as systems for data capture, mining and lab automation.