Original broadcast date: Wednesday April 1, 2015

Presenter: Tom Crea

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Leadership success is about building good relationships, which requires becoming more open-minded and greater self-awareness. Most top performers promoted to management do not receive the leadership development training needed to succeed. The ability to lead does not come naturally to everyone. However, great leaders can be made. Tom Crea uses his armed forces experience to show how YOU can become a more effective and impactful leader in your lab with the right tools and motivation.

This discussion on achieving leadership success centers on self-awareness:

  • Knowing who you are (self-awareness)
  • Being true to who you are (authenticity)
  • Having a plan to address any limitations

Tom Crea is the CEO of Blackhawk Consulting Group. Tom retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, which provided him the opportunity to interact with soldiers at all levels, from Private to four-star General. In his final assignment, he led the ROTC programs at two different universities where his team developed college students into Army leaders. Today he teaches professionals, at all levels, how to achieve leadership success, work as a team, and be more authentic at what you do.
















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