Original Broadcast Date: Tuesday July 14, 2015

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High trust environments lead to top performance in teams, satisfaction, and bottom-line results. Low trust among team members can be improved with five simple communications strategies that every leader should learn and practice. This webinar will address the need for trust and then provide helpful techniques for fostering high trust among teams of laboratory workers. This webinar is a must for those currently in roles of leadership in high performance labs and related technical organizations.

In this session you will learn:

  • Tips to identify and develop important personality traits like openness, humility, and honesty
  • Insight on managing communications in team meetings
  • Habits to avoid when communicating with team members and leaders
  • Which current leadership traits help to foster team development and closeness

Rick Parmely is the founder of Polished and Professional LLC, a training company that specializes in improving communications of groups as diverse as individual scientists and managers, or groups of trainers. After teaching undergraduate chemistry at West Point and Juniata College, Rick joined Restek Corporation in 1997 and until recently directed their technical education program. He teaches communications technique, chemistry, and separation science theory. With 30-plus years of teaching experience, Rick has taught science and communications courses to widely diverse audiences, including NATO officials, technicians at the U.N. Pesticides Laboratory in Austria, flavor scientists in Shanghai, China, and scientists at the University of Nairobi as well as to hundreds of domestic clients.















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