Original broadcast date: Wednesday August 5, 2015

Presenter: Tim Piccirillo

In this lively session, participants will discover that adversity can actually be a positive thing in our work and personal lives. Tim shares his story of growing up with a disability and how it shaped his view of the world. Adversity normally has a negative connotation in most cultures but “re-framing” a difficult situation, tragedy or disturbing event can actually benefit a person and the people in their orbit. Tim believes there is “a lesson and an advantage” in every adverse situation and he’ll show you how to access these.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Adversity and your response to it is based on your perception of the situation
  • Changing your mind about an adverse situation can change both your physiology and mental state
  • Adversity can help you develop empathy in your lab and your personal life
  • Adversity makes you stronger and more resilient

Tim Piccirillo is a speaker and marketing consultant who lives near Orlando, FL

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