Original broadcast date: Wednesday September 2, 2015

Presenter: Theresa Rose

When we know how to manage our energy, we are far more productive at work and more balanced at home. Learn how to harness the power of joy both personally and professionally, discovering how it can serve as our compass when navigating the choppy and often stressful waters of a distracted, overwhelmed life.

Attendees will learn how to immediately utilize the following strategies:

  • Fuel yourself - How to take in the right things so you have a full tank upon which to act.
  • Nurture yourself - How to consistently provide self-care in order to balance out the stress and keep a joyful outlook.
  • Honor yourself - How to establish a pattern of non-judgment and radical self-compassion.

Theresa Rose is a nationally-acclaimed inspirational performer, award-winning author, and hardcore hoopdancer who is passionate about helping others to live, work, and move in joy.

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