Original Broadcast Date: Tuesday September 8, 2015

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Titration is a simple analytical technique used to evaluate important and often decision-making analytes. Having to reanalyze samples because of uncertainty in values has both direct and indirect costs. The stakes become even higher when dealing with an expensive active ingredient or limited sample. Regardless of your industry, achieving more accurate results that are highly reproducible is the highest performance goal of all QC chemists and R&D scientists.

Having the right instrument and configuration greatly improves accuracy and repeatability while reducing or even removing human error. Learn how you can evaluate the quality of titrations in your lab and uncover potential financial and productivity improvements.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn how running samples unattended improves both data quality and productivity.
  • From our application case studies, understand the dollar value of savings from using auto samplers and automation.
  • Learn the key principles of titration that help you identify best practices.

About the Speakers:

Joe Head graduated with a BS in Environmental Chemistry from the college of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse and then later completed an MS in analytical chemistry from Northeastern Illinois after moving to Chicago. Joe joined Metrohm from UOP-Honeywell in 2013 after spending 13 years in the R&D lab (as a big Metrohm fan). Prior to that, Joe worked as a quality assurance/validation chemist at Environmental Standards in PA.

Lori Carey is the Product Manager for Titration for Metrohm USA. She has a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from St. Joseph’s College in Indiana and over 10 years of experience in the chemical, food & beverage, and environmental industries. During her prior three years as an Applications Chemist at Metrohm USA, she has focused on the development of thermometric titration and has successfully brought innovative solutions to difficult applications in a variety of industries.