Original broadcast date: Wednesday October 7, 2015

Presenter: Dean Lindsay

The Progress Challenge is just that, a challenge – a challenge to progress, a challenge to work and win in this world of continual, mind-spinning change. Meeting this challenge creates better leaders, better team members, better human beings. Thriving and not just managing change is the key to success for all lab personnel and this program will share the secrets to doing just that!

Dean Lindsay’s programs contain powerful and useful insight on workplace performance, building priceless business relationships, dealing with change, communication, and business growth. Dean is the author of two best selling books: The Progress Challenge: Working and Winning in a World of Change and Cracking the Networking CODE: 4 Steps to Priceless Business Relationships. He has been Featured contributor to Executive Travel, Sales and Service Excellence and the American Management Association’s Moving Ahead magazine as well as the nationally distributed audio publication Selling Power Live 

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