Original broadcast date: Wednesday November 4, 2015

Presenter: Annette Dubrouillet

Why don’t we make the best decision the first time around? Because we let what we don’t have drive what we think we need. Or because we don’t use a process. Or because we allow our personalities to drive the decision. Despite our good intentions, we focus on all the wrong reasons and all the wrong ways to solve a problem and we end up making poor decisions. Then we have to go back and take more time and resources to make another decision to fix that poor decision. What a waste of time and energy. What we all need to be doing is making Deliberate Decisions™ right up front—that's where you are in charge; solving the right problem with your best brainpower.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The seven-step process that expedites problem-solving, giving it focus and structure
  • The three critical actions to ensure successful Deliberate Decisions™
  • The four major types of Defective Decisions™ and how to avoid them

Annette Dubrouillet works with groups and individuals who want to make the best decision the first time. Annette is the author of Make No Mistake: How to make the best decision the first time which is available directly from Annette or through amazon.com.  

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