Original Broadcast Date: Tuesday April 19, 2016

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As technology grows at a staggering pace, it seems forensics is stuck in the past. These are issues that often arise from the fact that high reproducibility and trust in results is paramount, since this technology will be used to prosecute. This creates a great many problems when trying to create new instrumental techniques and methods. Within this seminar Dr. Verbeck will illustrate three hurdles when trying to implement new techniques from the chemistry lab to the field application, or practitioner’s hands. Dr. Verbeck will show these with three new mass spectrometric instruments developed in the lab, and define these within the scope of the law. In conclusion, Dr. Verbeck will make the case for a quality control lab where these new tools can be tested against the industry standards, and help move new technology into the crime fighting arena.

Dr. Guido F. Verbeck, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, is an expert in mass spectrometry, specifically instrument design and development. Dr. Verbeck has developed ion cyclotron resonance, time-of-flight, and ion trap mass spectrometers over the past 17 years, and has been a member of the analytical community for 22 years. Among this design portfolio, Dr. Verbeck has developed a miniature ion trap mass spectrometer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, three preparative mass spectrometers for combining new materials and catalysts, and a number of novel analytical applications for single cell and forensic analysis. Dr. Verbeck’s appointment is currently at the University of North Texas where he continues to design novel ion optical devices for miniaturization, preparative, and analytical mass spectrometry, and is the director for the Laboratory of Imaging Mass Spectrometry.
















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