Original Broadcast Date: Tuesday May 10, 2016

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When things work, it is a pleasure to belong to a well-oiled, highly effective, and efficient team. When they do not, when one member inefficiently wastes time, we all suffer. To function effectively, your laboratory needs to know what it is required to accomplish, who is going to do it, and by when. This webinar provides practical tips to make effective use of every minute of the day.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be S.M.A.R.T. – simple principles to convert goals to time requirements
  • “To Do” Effectively – lists can work effectively if effectively used!
  • “Attack Time Thieves” – what steals time and how to manage those distractions
  • Avoid Overload – time is a fixed asset; don’t squander it!
  • Delegate the right stuff – Delegation could ruin a time management plan

Rick Parmely is the founder of Polished and Professional LLC, a training company that specializes in improving communications of groups as diverse as individual scientists and managers, or groups of trainers. After teaching undergraduate chemistry at West Point and Juniata College, Rick joined Restek Corporation in 1997 and until recently directed their technical education program. He teaches communications technique, chemistry, and separation science theory. With 30-plus years of teaching experience, Rick has taught science and communications courses to widely diverse audiences, including NATO officials, technicians at the U.N. Pesticides Laboratory in Austria, flavor scientists in Shanghai, China, and scientists at the University of Nairobi as well as to hundreds of domestic clients.