Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday November 9, 2016

Today’s laboratories operate in an increasingly competitive and complex marketplace. As government mandated environmental regulations and consumer protections become increasingly stringent, laboratories are being required to meet higher levels of elemental analytical sensitivity and precision while public budgets are under permanent downward pressure.

For laboratories, method performance and fulfillment of regulatory and QC requirements are paramount, but laboratory efficiencies are likewise important for fundamental economic reasons. To meet today’s requirements for elemental analyses, ICP-OES is the technology of choice because ICP-OES instruments provide the sensitivity required for the determination of trace metals.

This webcast will concentrate on how laboratories can use modern ICP-OES instruments and related technologies to simplify sample analysis and save time.

More specifically, the webinar will discuss:

  • Determining the plasma technology that is best for a given analytical task
  • Increasing the efficiency of ICP-OES elemental analysis
  • Selecting the most suitable and time-saving sample introduction components
  • Overcoming challenges with environmental applications
  • Saving money with next generation ICP-OES technology


Olaf Schulz
Product Manager for ICP-OES
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH



Dr. Sergei Leikin
Managing Director
Texas Scientific Products LLC