Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday January 18, 2017

Laboratory leaders need to speak effectively and confidently at any time, and in many situations. In this presentation, you will learn key elements to enhance your communication effectiveness as a leader. Techniques and insights on effectively managing meetings, greetings, and presenting with confidence will be presented. The presentation will also share tips employed by successful introverts and extroverts when communicating at all levels across the organization to cultivate trust and confidence.

  • Techniques employed by successful introverts and extroverts when communicating across the organization
  • Insight on effectively managing meetings with and by introverts and extroverts
  • Techniques employed by successful introverts when communicating at all levels in the organization to develop trust and confidence in your message

Rick Parmely is the founder of Polished and Professional LLC, a training company that specializes in improving communications of groups as diverse as individual scientists and managers, or groups of trainers. After teaching undergraduate chemistry at West Point and Juniata College, Rick joined Restek Corporation in 1997 and until recently directed their technical education program. He teaches communications technique, chemistry, and separation science theory. With 30-plus years of teaching experience, Rick has taught science and communications courses to widely diverse audiences, including NATO officials, technicians at the U.N. Pesticides Laboratory in Austria, flavor scientists in Shanghai, China, and scientists at the University of Nairobi as well as to hundreds of domestic clients.