Increasing Productivity and Sustainability of Environmental GC/MS Methods Through Improved Technology and Instrumentation from Lab Manager Magazine on Vimeo.

Original Air Date
February 28, 2017

Recent GC and MSD technology enhancements help labs save time and money. The Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC and 5977B High-Efficiency Source (HES) GC/MSD provide the sensitivity and production efficiency that significantly improves analytical throughput while decreasing environmental impact.

New GC and MSD technology allows the environmental laboratory to rethink the business of the laboratory. Greater sensitivity and simple operating procedures combine to decrease the amount of sample and solvent used, simultaneously decreasing the amount of time it takes to report results. This will be shown by reducing the amount of sample and solvent needed for EPA methods 8270, 8081, and 8082 while maintaining sensitivity and quality compliance. GC enhancements dramatically decrease maintenance and downtime. The Intuvo 9000 GC and 5977B HES GC/MSD allow for increased sample throughput in the environmental laboratory.

Participants will learn:

  • Techniques for reducing solvent usage and emissions
  • Procedures for increasing sensitivity of analysis to meet increasing demands from the regulatory community

Who Should Attend: (Examples Below)

  • GC and GC/MS practitioners
  • Laboratory Managers/ Directors / Supervisors
  • Laboratory Technicians / Operators
  • Chemists


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ESC Lab Sciences





Eric Phillips
GC Product Marketing Manager
Agilent Technologies, Inc.










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