Innovation in Ultra Low Freezer Technology – Optimizing the safety and security of high value samples.

TwinGuard Technology, a new solution, offers a way to safely store biological samples by implementing a fail-safe mechanism.

By Panasonic

Many universities, pharma/biotech companies and biorepositories use -80°C ultra-low temperature freezers (ULT) to store their priceless collections of biological samples. The safety of these samples depends heavily on the proper functioning of ULT freezers. At present, most ULTs use a conventional cascade compressor system, which can result in rapid warm up of the chamber, if one of the compressors fails. However, the increased level of laboratory protocol regulations has driven the conventional ULT technology to a higher standard in a more mature industry. Additional cost effectiveness, energy sustainability and increased efficiency demands have led to the development of newer technologies that can deliver performance-based new cooling solutions.

TwinGuard Technology, a new solution, offers a way to safely store biological samples by implementing a fail-safe mechanism. Through the use of two independent refrigeration systems, the ULT freezer is able to keep running at the necessary temperature (-650C) in the event that one compressor fails.

In order to understand the value of samples stored in these ULTs, a study was conducted at Stanford University, which revealed that more than $2 Billion worth of samples were stored within their freezers. Stanford houses nearly 2,000 freezers in more than 350 laboratories across its campus, resulting in an average of approximately 6 freezers per laboratory (1).

Since these freezers store such high-valued samples, any chance of malfunction or freezer failure needs to be reduced. Standard practices for optimum preservation include routine preventative maintenance of freezers, round-the-clock automated monitoring of temperatures, on-call staff to address emergency calls, sufficient available empty pre-cooled back up units, priority availability of refrigeration mechanics, and emergency backup power in the event of power loss (6). However, many times the freezer fails due to unforeseen technical reasons. The table shows a few recent incidents that have resulted in significant loss of valuable samples. Hence, a freezer with highly reliable, dependable and consistent technology should be the preferred choice of all laboratories.

The TwinGuard Solution

The Panasonic Twin Guard Series MDF-U700VXC -86°C ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer employs advanced dual compressor technology to maintain ultra-low temperatures by using two completely independent one-compressor, auto-cascade cooling systems. This innovative design utilizes two independent systems allowing the unit to continue to run continuously at -65°C in the unlikely event of one compressor failure. The Panasonic Twin Guard® Series satisfies the industry demand for safe, long-term storage for the most high-valued materials.

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