RADWAG New Series 3Y

RADWAG New Series 3Y analytical balances


New Design

  • In 2Y series cable was hidden under the main housing now is folded behind the indicator
  • New bottom design of AS/3Y and PS/3Y

Operating System - Windows CE

New operating systems enables better communication with external devices and improves efficiency of the balance alongside with graphic transfer to standard office printers.

New Working Modes

  • Differential weighing - enables single and multi sub sequential weighing of the same sample
  • Pipette calibration - after defininf pipette id dedicated database pipette can be checked in accordance to ISO Standard
  • Automatic calibration - enables statistical control from teh batch in accordance the Pharmaceutical guidelines USP

Upgraded Working Modes

  • Formulation - enables formula making hand or database of formulas with automatic protection against overdosing and recalulations function
  • Mass comparation - enables using balances as mass comparator


Graph visualization of measurements or Gaussian distribution, zooming function and BMP file printed on PLC printers or exported into a file via USB

Exchange Data

Data exchange between balances software enabling programming databases from PC level


Four levels of accessibility to the blaance menu and to each database separately. 

Profile personaliztion covers language, display and printout content functionality of buttons and proximity sensors, tailors to each working mode independently.


Monitoring of ambient conditions by internal and external sensors - THB.

Air buoyancy correction calculated from internal sensors or THB2 on line.


of 3Y - series solution - the size of each database is adjusted dynamically.

New Models in 3Y Family

  • New model - moisture analyzer MAY with all functionality and advantages of 3Y Series.
  • New model - XA 3Y offering high accuracy mechanism with manual opening door system.

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