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Digital Event: Academic Lab Management Digital Summit

Lab Manager's Academic Lab Management Digital Summit
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Academic Lab Management Digital Summit

Optimizing Scientific Education and Research

February 15-16, 2023
From 11 AM EST

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Leading an academic lab includes many challenges, including the management of people, budgets, and research projects. Academic lab managers and principal investigators are tasked with establishing workplace practices and safety protocols that will ensure a safe, productive laboratory, and guiding young people as they begin their scientific careers. Principal investigators need to develop an extensive portfolio of scientific, management, and financial skills to run a successful lab. Lab managers need to work with their departments to help deliver the educational mission with limited budgets and resources. What are the most effective strategies to keep morale high amongst the lab staff? How do you prepare a budget and apply for funds? Who should you hire as your new lab tech? How can you adopt—or avoid—the management styles you experienced from your own time as a student?

Join Lab Manager on February 15-16 for our Academic Lab Management Digital Summit. This two-day program will feature industry experts who will share their experiences in establishing and overseeing an academic laboratory. They will offer advice, helpful strategies, and personal experiences to help you fill your lab with the best people for the job. Learn new strategies to help you oversee your staff, manage your projects, and successfully fundraise for your research. Audience members are invited to participate in a Q&A session with each speaker following their presentation. Register for free to attend this informative event.

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