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How a Moisture Analyzer in Food Safety and Quality Control Labs Works

by Adam Equipment

Problem: U.S. food testing labs are closely monitoring discussions over proposed legislation regarding food safety. This year, lawmakers could approve more stringent safety standards. That means food laboratories will be looking for efficient and affordable equipment to help them adhere to regulations.

Adam Equipment's Nimbus Balance

by Adam Equipment

Nimbus analytical and precision balances from Adam Equipment feature a compact footprint and easy operation. With readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.1g, capacities from 80g to 22kg, plus USB and RS-232 connections, the Nimbus provides a streamlined weighing experience for discerning professionals worldwide.

Adam Equipment’s Nimbus Balance Brings Precision and Performance to a Pinnacle

by Adam Equipment

Innovative design enables a compact footprint, so the Nimbus occupies a minimal amount of space on the laboratory bench but maintains the highest level of performance. The base for the Nimbus is formed from a single piece of extruded aluminum, a material that effectively provides superior temperature regulation. The single-piece construction offers greater stability, enabling highly repeatable results.

Just How Important is Balance Calibration?

by Adam Equipment

The answer is simple: if you use your balance at all, regular calibration is critical. The question frequently comes up when a balance is initially purchased. A new balance operator’s manual almost always recommends calibration before use