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Hamilton Microlab Nimbus

by Hamilton Company
A compact, multi-channel automated liquid handler offering speed, flexibility, ease of use and superior pipetting performance at a surprisingly affordable price.  NIMBUS system is a configurable platform with options of 96 multiprobe head or up to 4 independent channels.

How a Guided Pipetting System Works

by Hamilton Company
Published studies, such as those documented by Artel®, have shown how a change in environmental barometric pressure creates volume variations, which alters the pipetting accuracy of air displacement pipettes. This effect is particularly noticeable when pipetting small volumes.


by Hamilton Company
Hamilton is a global leader of world class analytical components, medical instrumentation, temperature control systems, laboratory robotics and automated liquid handling equipment. From Clark Hamilton’s development of the Microliter Syringe in

EDTA by Anion Exchange HPLC

by Hamilton Company
Hamilton Company is best known for manufacturing precision fluid measuring products, including syringes for HPLC and GC. For the last 30 years Hamilton Company has manufactured HPLC resins and columns while developing separations for customers.

3-D Cell Culture Simplified

by Hamilton Company
The study of cells and their behavior is growing rapidly in drug discovery and disease research. This has created a huge demand for more efficient methods to culture cells.