John K. Borchardt, PhD, Author Profile

John Borchardt Bio PictureJohn Borchardt, PhD, was a chemist, freelance writer and American Chemical Society career consultant for over 15 years. He was the author of "Career Management for Scientists and Engineers," and had more than 1,500 articles published in a variety of magazines, newspapers, and encyclopedias. As an industrial chemist, he held 30 U.S. and more than 125 international patents, and was the author of over 130 peer-reviewed papers. He passed away in January 2013.

Recent Articles

Stepping into Your Boss’ Shoes

January 19, 2011

You suspect your boss is going to be promoted or transferred or may retire soon. How can you position yourself to be the firs...

Hiring Temporary Staff Members

January 12, 2011

Corporate hiring is picking up – finally. This solves some problems for some lab managers coping with accomplishing goa...

Reducing Lab Bureaucracy

January 5, 2011

Lab managers can reduce overhead costs by reducing unnecessary bureaucracy. A rough rule of thumb is that larger laboratories...

Hiring Impact Players

December 15, 2010

Impact players are employees whose knowledge, skills and work habits make them exceptionally productive. Of course, one alway...

Managing Crisis

December 9, 2010

Taking a look at the recent Gulf of Mexico oil well blowoutthe greatest industrial accident in historylab managers can find u...

Delaying Your Retirement

December 8, 2010

Delaying retirement? You are not alone. Many baby boomers currently are delaying their retirement. One-third plan to retire o...

Downsides of Flextime

December 1, 2010

Much has been written about the advantages of flextime for both employees and employers. However, there are downsides as well...

Social Networking for Laboratories

November 23, 2010

Laboratory managers can benefit greatly by establishing a corporate social networking site or utilizing an already existing o...

Breaking Through Barriers to Change

October 28, 2010

"Better the devil you know than the one you don't." is a familiar proverb. Whether consciously or unconsciously, many lab man...

Training Staff Members

October 19, 2010

Lab managers have been faced with cuts in their training budgets since the recession began. Upper level managers have been cu...

Screening Job Applicants

October 13, 2010

In the wake of widespread layoffs, laboratory managers are beginning to hire again as the economy slowly recovers. Lab manage...
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