John K. Borchardt, PhD, Author Profile

John Borchardt Bio PictureJohn Borchardt, PhD, was a chemist, freelance writer and American Chemical Society career consultant for over 15 years. He was the author of "Career Management for Scientists and Engineers," and had more than 1,500 articles published in a variety of magazines, newspapers, and encyclopedias. As an industrial chemist, he held 30 U.S. and more than 125 international patents, and was the author of over 130 peer-reviewed papers. He passed away in January 2013.

Recent Articles

Mind Mapping

October 7, 2010

Mind maps are used as an aid in organizing ideas and tasks, problem solving, and decision making. Lab managers can use mind m...

Career Building

October 7, 2010

While technical ability is essential to becoming a successful laboratory manager, it is not sufficient. Many outstanding scie...

Gender Equity in the Workplace

October 5, 2010

The primary basis for employee job satisfaction is your personal relationship with your manager. Next is importance is your p...

Corporate Newsletters and Blogs

September 28, 2010

For companies marketing to a large number of customers and potential customers, newsletters and blogs offer a way to keep the...

Recycling Closed Laboratories

September 9, 2010

Is there a large laboratory in your area that might close? Or is there one that has closed and reopened and is renting labora...

Customer Service

September 9, 2010

The best single way for lab managers to promote outstanding effective technical service is to take care of the lab people who...

Cutting Lab Reports Down to Size

September 1, 2010

Lab managers don't have time to read or write unnecessarily long reports; nor do they have the time to write them.. Thick rep...

Writing with PowerPoint

August 4, 2010

Before presentation software such as PowerPoint became almost ubiquitous, many presenters would give rambling, poorly focused...
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