John K. Borchardt, PhD, Author Profile

John Borchardt Bio PictureJohn Borchardt, PhD, was a chemist, freelance writer and American Chemical Society career consultant for over 15 years. He was the author of "Career Management for Scientists and Engineers," and had more than 1,500 articles published in a variety of magazines, newspapers, and encyclopedias. As an industrial chemist, he held 30 U.S. and more than 125 international patents, and was the author of over 130 peer-reviewed papers. He passed away in January 2013.

Recent Articles

Selling Ideas to Upper Management

February 8, 2010

Effectively selling your ideas and those of your staff members to upper management is often what separates good lab managers ...

Refereeing Research Papers

February 8, 2010

Your research staff can play a role in the peer process by participating as referees for manuscripts. What are the advantages...

Tips for Editing Laboratory Reports

January 27, 2010

Many laboratory professionals have difficulty in writing reports. The process often takes longer than it should with the resu...

Making Projects Fail Early

January 7, 2010

There are many reasons why projects fail and this will be the subject of my next blog. Right now we'll talk about why you mig...

The Online Lab Manager

January 6, 2010

From screening job candidates to benchmarking laboratory performance and energy use, today's lab managers have a cornucopia o...

Location, Location, Location

December 3, 2009

Whether your R&D operation functions as one central laboratory or as several smaller laboratories, the location chosen ca...

Laboratory Management Matters

November 17, 2009

Laboratory management matters even if lab managers are largely unsung heroes in science history. The third word in the title ...

Movin' Up

November 4, 2009

With a good strategy and excellent execution, lab managers can take their careers to the next level, increasing their job sat...

When Growth Stalls

October 7, 2009

Sales and revenue growth are stalled at many companies in a variety of industries. As a result, these firms have frozen or re...


October 7, 2009

Outsourcing laboratory work is usually done on the assumption that another laboratory is able to perform the work more cheapl...

Staying on Schedule

August 31, 2009

Speed in completing product and process development projects means fewer surprises. There is less likelihood that the market ...
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