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10 Tips for Working with Hot Plates

10 Tips for Working with Hot Plates

April 15, 2010

Laboratory hot plates present obvious dangers, such as the potential for people to burn themselves or even start a fire. Whil...

How To Use A Fluorescence Microscope

February 11, 2010

In fluorescence microscopy, fluorophores are used to reflect an image of a given sample or specimen. A fluorescence microscop...
Electrical Safety in the Lab

Electrical Safety in the Lab

November 19, 2009

While electricity is in constant use by the researcher, both within and outside the laboratory, significant physical harm or ...

Laboratory Ergonomics

July 16, 2009

By becoming familiar with how to control laboratory ergonomic risk factors, you can improve employee comfort, productivity, a...

Gas Chromatography

June 11, 2009

Gas Chromatography in the fast lane - innovations in gas chromatography focus on throughput and flexibility.

RNA Technology

May 13, 2009

Economical options for RNA Synthesis - Price for RNA molecules spiral downward as demand goes up.

Reagents for Cell Culture

February 18, 2009

From cell culture media to extracellular matrices, there is a lot changing in the in-vitro world
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