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Laboratory Glassware Washers

November 13, 2008

Laboratory glassware washers large capacity vs. standard, cycle times and energy efficiency all matter....


September 17, 2008

The goal of pipetting is to ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability when transferring fluids. A high-quality pipette in the...

HPLC Detectors

September 17, 2008

An appropriate HPLC detector has the ability to sense the presence of a compound and send its corresponding electrical signal...
Hot Plate/Stirrers

Hot Plate/Stirrers

September 17, 2008

Consider Top Plate Material, Sample, Size, and Viscosity
Ultra Low Temp Freezers

Ultra Low Temp Freezers

September 16, 2008

In terms of performance, users should keep in mind that the warm-up time during a power failure, pull down time, uniformity a...

Buying a Fume Hood

July 21, 2008

Before you buy a fume hood, it's important to know what fume hoods are and what they are not. Fume hoods are a primary means ...

Laboratory Housekeeping

January 1, 1900

As you walk through a well-kept laboratory, you should note a clean and orderly workplace.
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