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Recent Articles

Model to Speed Biofuel Development

November 3, 2011

The first genome-scale model for predicting the functions of genes and gene networks in a grass species has been developed....

Get the Light, Beat the Heat

September 8, 2011

Berkeley has created a semiconductor nanocrystal coating capable of controlling heat from the sun while staying transparent....

Small Space, Powerful Beams

August 22, 2011

Researchers have demonstrated a simple way to tune highly stable beams through a wide range of energies in table-top plasma a...

New Tool in Carbon Cycle Research

August 2, 2011

Berkeley Lab scientists test a next-generation tool for understanding the carbon cycle – the Carbon Flux Explorer....

Protecting Plants from Disease

May 17, 2011

Those vegetables you had for dinner may have once been protected by an immune system akin to the one that helps you fight dis...
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