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Streamlining DNA Library Preparation for NGS

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Modern high-throughput sequencing technology has led to a boom in sequencing projects spanning a wide range of research. High-throughput sequencing methods like next generation sequencing (NGS) are now a critical tool for both basic and clinical research, as evidenced by the leap from 236 NGS PubMed citations in 2009 to 1,878 in 2013. However, in many cases genomic DNA can’t be accurately sequenced by NGS, a frustrating challenge for researchers.

SEFA Annual Meeting & Trade Show

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The Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association (SEFA) will hold their Annual Meeting & Trade Show November 13-15, 2013 at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lab Water Virtual Conference 2013

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We are pleased to introduce the Lab Water Virtual Conference 2013 hosted by EMD Millipore in North America and Merck Millipore in CEMEA.

ALMA 2013 Conference

by Other Author

The 34th annual conference features presentations from experienced leaders, roundtable discussions and exhibits from suppliers of equipment and services.

Webinar - Partnership Synergy: It’s Not Enough to be Great

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Every day you engage in partnerships that influence your reputation and your results. Your relationships can be collaborative or competitive, transactional or transformational. Partnership synergy is about learning to leverage the best of others for mutual benefit and growth.