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Rethink Cell Growth

by PHC Corporation of North America
In today’s era of cell culture experimentation and production, scientists rely on a tightly controlled, decontaminated environment within their CO2 incubators to precisely simulate the in vivo conditions from which mammalian cells originate. While designing the PHC cellIQ™ CO2 incubator, we  implemented cutting edge technology to address key concerns and provide effective solutions for  problems during daily culturing operations. The cellIQ™ was designed with your experiments in mind, so that precision of our incubator ensures precision in your data.

How a Web-Based 24/7 Monitoring System Works

by PHC Corporation of North America
Problem: At this very moment across the United States, thousands of digital eyes watch over laboratory equipment. It’s nothing scary; it’s the way we protect fragile samples from being damaged or destroyed. From facilities stocked with vaccines for the flu season ahead, to embryos frozen for future fertility treatments, life and livelihoods are literally on the line. For this reason, laboratories use continuous monitoring systems to closely watch over the environment of their specimens during experimental, growth and storage phases.

PHCBi's LabAlert System

by PHC Corporation of North America
Protecting your life’s work with a proper monitoring system has become increasingly important in research. A study conducted by Stanford University revealed that more than $2 billion worth of samples were stored within their freezers. Furthermore, many biorepositories and biobanks have hundreds of freezers storing priceless samples.