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by Proton OnSite
"More laboratories are opting to generate their own gas, on-site," said John Speranza, Vice President of Global Sales at Proton OnSite.  "For Gas Chromatographers (GC) who are struggling to source inexpensive helium gas, hydrogen is the superior carrier gas alternative..."

Proton OnSite Nitrogen Generation Systems

by Proton OnSite
On-site gas generation specialist, Proton OnSite, now offers a full laboratory line of hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators. Its line of nitrogen generators from the NiGen™ Micro with an output capacity of 500cc/minute to the NiGen LCMS 100 that can produce as much as 100L/minute offers carrier gas solutions for laboratories of any size.

Helium to Hydrogen GC Carrier Conversion in the Lab

by Proton OnSite
As U.S. supplies dwindle, prices of crude helium have risen 50 percent in the last decade, according to the Bureau of Land Management. As a result, many laboratories are replacing traditional helium carrier gas supply for their Gas Chromatography systems with hydrogen.