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Syntekabio is an AI and NGS-based drug development company, utilizing a genomic database and AI to predict and identify new molecular entities to develop new drug products. It is the first global AI drug development company to be listed on the public market (KOSDAQ: 226330) as of December 2019. Syntekabio’s lead product candidate, STB-C017, an IDO/TDO dual inhibitor for the treatment of advanced solid tumors, is under nonclinical development. The company’s pipelines also includes personalized neoantigen cancer vaccines, small molecules targeting established oncology targets, and biomarkers to stratify relevant patients to maximize treatment efficacy. Syntekabio’s business model involves collaborations with various academic institutions and biopharmaceutical companies to optimize the drug development process, utilizing proprietary AI and NGS data. The company is headquartered in Daejeon, Rep. of Korea, with offices in Seoul, Rep. of Korea and Rockville, MD, USA. For additional information, please visit

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