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Articles by Tomás Garza

Five Ways to Avoid Being a Cultural Rube: Multicultural Communication Tips for Today’s World

by Tomás Garza
Fostering a cohesive and productive work culture can be a challenge. There are the interests of different departments to manage, time pressures, budget limitations and a host of different personalities. To top it off, people in today’s workplace come from a variety of different backgrounds: different nationalities, ethnic groups, religions, etc. People in your organization may have vastly different concepts of work, interpersonal communication, and group harmony. Multicultural communication skills are a must. The good news? They’re surprisingly easy to practice.

Constructive Confrontation in the Workplace: Three Things to Keep in Mind

by Tomás Garza
To successfully navigate workplace conflict, managers must be able to confront team members in a positive, productive manner. Whatever the situation, whether two people are actively quarreling, or whether one person’s behavior is impacting the entire work culture, a manager must be able to step in, take charge and do so in a way that does not contribute to the drama.