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Articles by University of Geneva

'Super-Grafts' That Could Treat Diabetes

by University of Geneva
By successfully strengthening pancreatic islets before transplantation, researchers at UNIGE and HUG are hoping for a significant improvement in the success of cell transplants in patients with severe diabetes

The Birth of Vision, from the Retina to the Brain

by University of Geneva
By decoding the genetic mechanisms that control the neurons of the visual system, researchers at UNIGE are unveiling the first steps in the construction of vision, paving the way for regenerative eye medicine

Blindness Gene Discovered

by University of Geneva
UNIGE researchers have identified the gene responsible for a recessive genetic disorder that causes degeneration of the eye and blindness

Babies Make the Link between Vocal and Facial Emotion

by University of Geneva
Can babies really tell the difference between anger and happiness at six months or do they only recognize the physical characteristics of these emotions? UNIGE researchers provide a preliminary answer