Improve Your Carryover Performance

Superior carryover performance using the Alliance iS HPLC System

Carryover is an all-too-common problem for many users of HPLC systems. There are multiple forms of carryover, including volumetric, or carryover as a result of void volumes in the flow path, and adsorptive carryover, where sample ‘sticks’ or adsorbs to surfaces of the flow path. If a method suffers from carryover, it is important to know which form of carryover it is so that you can most effectively eliminate the source of the carryover. In many cases, methods may display both volumetric and adsorptive carryover. 

Download this application note now to learn more about how the Alliance iS system results in superior carryover performance, even for challenging compounds such as chlorhexidine. 

 Improve Your Chlorhexidine Carryover Performance

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